I have a weird problem with a few things tonight, and I have to know if anyone else agrees….or if anyone thinks I’m crazy.  I know I’m a little OCD…maybe I’m a lot OCD…I… Continue reading

When Life Gives You Lemons

I’m trying to figure out Friday nights.  What does that mean?  I guess I”m trying to figure out when my Friday’s became equivalent to Tuesday’s…or Wednesday’s… I come home from work.  Make dinner. … Continue reading

My day in lyrics.

This love had better last. The dog days are over. It’s a bittersweet symphony. Sail. Black Betty…blam da blam. Blame it on the juice. I gotta feelin’. You think you’re cooler than me.… Continue reading

These are a few of my favorite things…..

Circle Definitely my favorite shape.  A lot of cool things are circles: my favorite necklace pendant, eyeballs, rings (my favorite form of jewelry), the Earth (and Pluto…poor Pluto)…oh, and pizza…mentioned later. Grey My… Continue reading

Nine Forever

I am terribly inefficient with my studying this round.  I can’t concentrate.  The subject matter is dull…actually dull would be a compliment.  COSO Framework…Internal Control Monitoring…WHO CARES?! For those that don’t know what… Continue reading


My mother doesn’t understand any social media whatsoever.  She doesn’t have a Facebook, Twitter account, and she types me emails all in the subject line…like the entire message is in the subject line…it’s… Continue reading

I’m back

I’ve made it back to blog city after a brief sabbatical trying to crunch through my busiest time at work.  Today, officially, the crunch ended, and I am back to sharing my beef… Continue reading

Betty Boob

Cartoons just aren’t the same as they used to be.  Maybe everyone before me has said the same thing…all the way back to when some parent said, “We didn’t have a TV, because they… Continue reading

My Mountain Summit

I’m like, totally, 17 again.  Like, OMG.  Like, wow. Not really, but I am if I look in the mirror anyways.  Huge zit.  Like mountain size.  Why, why, why!  I’m 33 and have… Continue reading

Cavity Celebrations

Candy might just be the greatest thing of all time.  It almost always makes a person happy.  Specifically, with Easter approaching, I really appreciate how holidays keep candy an integral part of the… Continue reading